We are currently offering our Blue Level Membership as listed below. Information about the features and pricing on our Gold and Platinum Levels will be available soon, which will include additional products and services. The registration fee for Gold or Platinum will be waived for Blue Level members who upgrade at any time in the future.

Blue Level Products and Services

24/7 Support with Dedicated Concierge, Technical and Medical Personnel

Included in membership

State-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record with Incorporated Telemedicine Services

  • Customized and premium optimized ECW services
  • Included in membership

Private Health Portal and App

Included in membership

Online Shop (Coming Soon)

Discount of 25% on all items

Nutritional Assessment

  • Included in membership ($100 value)
  • Training program and periodic follow-up: $65/30 minute session ($100 value)

Fitness Assessment Training Program and Periodic Follow-up

  • $100 for the first 45 minute assessment ($150 value)
  • Training program and periodic follow-up: $65/30 minute session ($100 value)

Private Health Coach

  • Initial assessment included ($100 value)
  • Periodic follow-up: $65/30 minute session ($100 value)

A Complete Supply of Essential and Customized Vitamins and Supplements

Included in membership ($145 value)

Hospital Inpatient Assistance

  • Included in membership
  • Private doctor (only at Saint Raphael’s Hospital)

Medical Insurance, Affairs and Legal Assistance

Included in membership

Scheduled, Periodic Labs with In-home Blood Draws

Included in membership

Hormone Assessment and Optimization

Included in membership

Dental and Eye Care Coordination

Included in membership

Personalized Medical IT Package and Setup/Support

Included in membership ($70 value)

Wireless Health Devices

Included in membership ($120 value)

Exclusive Membership Card

Included in membership – honored by our preferred network of local business partners for discounts on goods and services

Aesthetics Consultation and Exclusive Discount Products

Included in membership ($200 value)

Personalized Newsletter

Included in membership

Private Invitation to Exclusive Seminars and Retreats

Included in membership

Medically Relevant Gifts and Devices on a Periodic Basis Every Four Months

Included in membership ($100 value)

Annual Body Composition Analysis w/iDexa

  • Included in membership ($200 value)
  • Subsequent Analysis $99

VO2Max Analysis for Fitness Assessment and Follow-up

Inquire for individual pricing